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About TrendSpider

In 2016, our founders were fed up with these inefficiencies—and the substandard results they produced. They set out to build a new type of charting platform—one that would give you the tools to build better plans while helping to mitigate profit-killing blunders by making analysis more consistent.

Today, the platform has evolved into the most comprehensive technical analysis software on the market—and we continue to innovate. We are the first to offer a fully-customizable automation engine on a charting platform, and our alerts remain “head and shoulders” above the rest.

We’re a truly global operation, with team members located in Illinois, Colorado, Pennsylvania, California, North Carolina, Arizona, Canada, Ukraine, India, France and other states and countries around the world. Our team members are experienced developers, seasoned traders, or (in many cases) both. We’re proud to help tens of thousands of active traders around the world boost efficiency and accuracy.

Don’t be confused, though: we’re not an alert service, nor are we a “silver bullet” proprietary trading system. TrendSpider doesn’t work without your know-how. What we offer is a customizable platform that helps you plan your trade, and trade your plan like a pro.

Why TrendSpider

Save time & money. Consolidate all your research & trading tools into one.

Expand your capabilities with hundreds of institutional-grade features.

Advanced charting plus hundreds of alternative data sets.

Get immediate help when you need it over phone, email or chat.

Top Features

Discover & Improve your Edge

Automate your Grunt Work

Refine & Upgrade your Workflow

Improve your Accuracy

Find Better Setups, Faster

Time Trades with Precision

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Go yearly to save 64% on your 1st year, then 17% on all future years (versus monthly).

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Get full access to TrendSpider without a long term commitment.

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What people say?

TrendSpider platform is wicked bad ass! Made me a lot of money today in $BA just trading between AVWAP levels! Great job gentlemen!
Barrett Wade
"The abundance of trading opportunities I am finding with TrendSpider is truly remarkable. I have to actually throw many of the fishes back!"
Just purchased TrendSpider, incredible the features this has. Makes other TA platforms feel like a dinosaur. Think ill be up for the next 2 days

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