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The Trading Journal To Boost Your Performance

About TraderSync

Back in 2014 a group of programmers and designers decide to learn to trade. Quickly we found that no matter how many trading courses we took, we couldn’t be profitable. We simply just didn’t know what we were going right or wrong.

This is when we decided we needed a tool to track closely our trades. We started tracking our trades on an excel sheet. Our needs quickly grew and the excel sheets were no longer reasonable to keep, as they needed more features for us to get useful feedback out of them.

We needed more information, and we wanted to concentrate just on trading not in improving our excel sheets. That is when we gather as a team and we decided to create TraderSync.

Now a day TraderSync is the most complete trade journal in the market supported by thousands of traders looking to track their trades closely with the minimum effort.

Why TraderSync

Journal your trades in seconds. Have peace of mind knowing your data is fully backed up and secured. The more you use your trading journal, the more TraderSync can help sharpen your trading edge.

Our trading journal software identifies patterns in your trading and reports them back to you. You can use these patterns to help you determine what is working and not for you.

Most of our trading losses coming from a set of trading mistakes. Once you have analyzed the patterns to identify which trading mistakes are making you lose money, you can focus on ensuring you avoid them on your next trading day.

Top Features

Chart Your Stock Trades

Track Targets and Stop Losses

Upload Screenshots

Trade Specific Analytics


Share Trading Performance

Share Your Trades

Set a Public Profile

Sharing Custom Data

What people say?

Started using Tradersync a few weeks ago and it is a great tool for any day trader to keep track of all their trades. I mainly use the basic function, but it truly helps improve your trading and helps you learn from your mistakes. Would recommend to anyone looking for a trading journal.
Navid Shahrzad
I've had a great experience with Tradersync over the years. It's a must-use for tracking trades, analyzing what I did right or wrong.. Therefore, essential for growth in trading. All questions/concerns are addressed quickly and professionally by the Tradersync team. Overall: Thumbs up to Tradersync for their outstanding platform and service! Thank you!
Coach Yoann
TraderSync has been my trusted partner for many years when it comes to tracking my trades and account balance. I love the tagging and AI features. Tracking the stats this app gives me has made me a much more aware trader and has helped identify the set ups with the greatest edge. Highly recommend!!
Eirik Nordgaard

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