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Drag-n-drop and HTML email template builder

About Stripo

Stripo simplifies email design. While it might sound a little basic, in reality it is the entire email production process reimagined. Stripo offers an intuitive email template builder featuring drag-and-drop and HTML editors. It also has embedded tools for interactive content, modular email architecture, and many other features, so you can build emails lightning-fast.

We knew that crafting an HTML email that renders as planned across various email clients and devices requires coding skills, which marketers typically lack. Consequently, they had to learn to code rather than focus on core marketing activities. Stripo was born as a way out. We simplify the email production process so that marketers can finally direct their energy and time toward marketing itself.

Why Stripo

Code and no-code email creators. Skilled designers and those who are new to email production.

Featuring bulk actions, modules, and other features to free up time for key email marketing activities.

With easy-to-add games, surveys, and other interactive elements that will make your newsletter engaging.

Ensuring a smooth email building, testing, and export process, even when using multiple ESPs.

We protect our clients’ data, and also ensure that no scams or phishing are possible through email codes.

With every possible technology at your service. GenAI, AMP, interactive modules, you name it.

Top Features

Drag & Drop Email Builder

HTML & CSS Code Editor

Pre-built Modules

Automatic Email Replacement

Bulk Editing and Export

Easy Translation Process

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What people say?

The email marketing team informs supporters of club news throughout the week and will usually lead on stories surrounding the upcoming fixture/match. We also plug commercial activities where possible, for example, advertising match tickets, tours, merchandise, and competitions.
Alie Harris
CRM marketing manager, Chelsea Club
We prefer to think in terms of “campaign” rather than “email” to better leverage email marketing as a journey, as opposed to a single touch point.
Will Delehanty
Executive Director of Forbes Demand Generation
Email is an effective channel that we use to reach both acquisition and retention goals. Last year, the email channel was our 5th source of revenue!
Adriana Enriquez Oliver
Email Marketing Team Lead for Placeit by Envato

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