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Plug your LinkedIn. See all your data. Discover what’s working and what’s not.

About Shield

Shield Analytics is a platform designed to provide detailed analytics for LinkedIn content. It helps users track and analyze their LinkedIn posts to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Why Shield

Key metrics at a glance. Track your growth and identify areas for improvement. See your stats or get aggregated numbers across multiple profiles.

Understanding which posts perform best allows you to optimize your content strategy, increase engagement, and build a stronger personal brand.

A visual representation of your most frequently used words. Identify key themes and topics for content optimization.

Knowing how often you post helps you stay consistent and improve over time. Find a frequency you can sustain to stay on track.

Understand who’s contributing with content and how much. Motivate your team to take part, join the conversation, and increase your collective online presence.

Are you still unsure if you’re getting something out of LinkedIn? Easily calculate your estimated Earned Media Value from your organic content. Shield users average ~$42.000 in Earned Media Value per year.


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