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Grow search traffic through testing & experimentation

About SEOTesting

SEOTesting.com is a tool built by SanityCheck.io Ltd. We love working with SEO data and figuring out ways to help your site rank better in search engines.

The tool started life back in November 2016, called sanitycheck.io. At the time Google Search Console only gave you access to 3 months worth of data, so the first idea was simply to archive that data using the Search Console API so you had more to work with.

With having Google Search Console data in a database, and through talking with customers, new reports and functionality were added including the ability to run SEO tests and SEO split tests.

Google eventually made 16 months of data available to all users through Search Console, so with the archiving less important we decided to focus and reposition the product as an SEO testing tool – and migrated over to SEOTesting.com in April 2020.

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What people say?

SEOTesting.com has become one of my go-to SEO tools because it does so much with all the valuable data hidden in Google Search Console. It's the only thing that gives us the ability to use that data for keyword tracking, SEO tests, and quality testing.
Ruben Gamez
Can totally recommend! It’s not only full of reports to easily identify low hanging fruit opportunities but also, the most straightforward platform to help run SEO tests
Aleyda Solis
Intl SEO Consultant, Speaker & Author.
SEOTesting.com is an essential tool in our stack for analytical SEO. We now use it for routines such as testing meta changes until we achieve significant organic CTR improvements
Branko Kral
BKing Digital

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