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Accurate profit analytics for Amazon sellers

About Sellerboard

Sellerboard is a software tool designed to help Amazon sellers manage and optimize their business operations. It provides a comprehensive suite of features to track and analyze sales data, expenses, and profitability.

Overall, Sellerboard is designed to streamline operations for Amazon sellers, helping them make data-driven decisions to improve profitability and efficiency.

Why Sellerboard

View your sales, orders, refunds, advertising costs, estimated payout and net profit at a glance and easily compare performance with the tile view.

View a complete list of all vital KPIs of your business: sales, units sold, advertising, shipping and refund costs, Amazon fees, Cost of Goods Sold, gross and net profit, etc.

Get a closer look at how each of your products and orders are performing.

Factor in storage fees, inbound shipment, remissions, labeling fees – and more than a total of 100 other Amazon fees. 

More impressions and better conversion rates mean more sales and more profit. Monitor impressions and CR for your product listings and make informed decisions based on numbers. Optimize listings text and images to make sure you achieve best conversion rates. Optimize listing keywords and run PPC ads to generate more impressions.

Keep your calculations accurate even when your COGS change over time and account for overlapping product batches.

Top Features

Profit Dashboard

COGS Management

Returns Statistics

Trend Dashboard

Data Export

Inventory Management

Review Requests

Listing Change Alerts

Chrome Plugin

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What people say?

Are you an Amazon seller? Have you ever wondered why there is so little money left in your account at the end of the month? Know your numbers! Due to the complexity of Amazon's figures, accurate financial reporting is complicated and requires a lot of manual effort and time. Sellerboard helps you with this problem! Excellent tools generate so much added value and are so effortless to use that you don't have to think for a second whether they are worth it. Sellerboard is such a tool and an absolute "must-have" for every seller! It allows you always to keep a close eye on your numbers and react to changes. Also, there are some efficient and practical extra functions! What's missing now: Shopify and Woocommerce functionality!
Maximilian Appelt
Founder at Marania™
Sellerboard really makes it easy for a seller to understand what the true numbers are in their business. It is by far the most organized platform, which makes it an amazing tool for small businesses like mine. The stock section is also the most accurate in the market from what we have seen.
Matt Scherer
Small Business Owner / Amazon Seller
I find it extremely important that you have such a tool where you have all the relevant data together. And at sellerboard, your expenses are broken down. There were also some numbers, I have not yet calculated such as returns. And for this, a tool like sellerboard is quite important
Thomas S.
European Amazon Seller from Munich

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