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Seamless AI

The World’s First Real-Time Search Engine for Sales Leads

About Seamless AI

Seamless.AI helps professionals in the world create new relationships, opportunities, and revenue, faster than ever before. We are built on the core purpose of creating “great lives for great people,” which extends beyond our great employees to our clients, partners, and supporters.

Seamless.AI was started by Brandon Bornancin and a group of award-winning entrepreneurs who are working to disrupt an entire industry. We founded Seamless.AI to organize the world’s contacts and make them universally accessible and useful. This makes creating profitable relationships and new revenue, seamless.

Throughout our previous careers, we did a plethora of outbound selling and quickly realized that in order to be successful, you need to develop profitable relationships with as many people as possible.

Today, prospecting and relationship building are very labor-intensive, costly, difficult, fragmented, and opaque processes undermined by outdated technology, information, and data entry that turns people off. We share in that frustration.

Now, imagine a world where it’s seamless to connect with your target market, build profitable relationships, and acquire new clients.

Why Seamless AI

Do whatever it takes to serve our customers with the best experience possible. Everything else great will follow.

Take all of your ideas, dreams, goals, and aspirations here at Seamless.AI – and think bigger. Then, develop the action plan to make them a reality.

Game changers create new paths and set records that have never been achieved before. Innovate and challenge everything.

Paralysis by analysis doesn’t accomplish anything for anyone. Take action and ask for forgiveness along the way.

There is opportunity everywhere. When faced with obstacles, don’t complain about the problem, just find the solution. No negativity here.

We increase our competitive advantage in the marketplace by doing more with less. When there is a will, there is a way.

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What people say?

One of my favorite core values here at Seamless is ~Challenge Everything~. Ask the questions, improve the processes, push the boundaries, be creative and innovative in all avenues of your work. Leave whatever you're doing better than you found it.
Shelby Curl
Culture & Talent Associate
What I love most about working for Seamless.AI is the comradery, encouragement, and positivity within my team. Never a dull moment with us.
Tragen Fahl
Sales Development Representative
There is so much opportunity to learn and grow with the company. I’ve never worked with a more supportive group of people who are always eager to help each other learn and reach their full potential.
Kaylee Niederhelam
Sales Director

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