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Get rid of Inbox clutter

About SaneBox

In 2010 a small group of geeks was wondering what to work on next. We read some blog posts and were immediately transformed with purpose.  Back in 2010 email overload wasn’t nearly as bad as it is today, and our purpose has only become clearer and our mission grander since. 

And this is how SaneBox came to life. It’s a simple service that analyzes your past behavior (which emails you open, which you respond to, how quickly, how often, etc) and determines importance of incoming emails without ever looking at the content (only the headers). It moves unimportant emails out of the Inbox into a separate folder called SaneLater and summarizes them in a digest. It works anywhere you check your email (since it’s just an email folder).


Why SaneBox

Tired of unsubscribing from pesky senders? Use BlackHole to remove them from your inbox for good.

Sometimes important emails should wait. Snooze sends emails away until you’re ready for them. Like on Monday morning, instead of Saturday night.

The Daily Digest is a daily summary of unimportant emails that haven’t been opened yet.

Get a Reminder if someone doesn’t respond to your email by a certain time and/or set reminders for your future self.

Top Features

Google Verified

Independently Audited

Continuously Tested

Minimum data, maximum security

Access on your Terms

Encrypted Credentials

Trusted by



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Per Month


Per Month

What people say?

SaneBox manages time and allows us to focus on relevant things, utilizing SaneBox Reminders helps make sure we follow up appropriately and nothing falls through the cracks, and SaneBox is a much more efficient tool in terms of removing marketing and spam than any other junk filter.
Michele LaNoue
Founder - Headworks international
SaneBox has helped the Atilus team be more productive because we can spot the emails that matter and take care of them
Kristen Bachmeier
Director of Operations - Atilus
SaneBox cuts down on the clutter of email, the amount of spam, the amount of…time wasters inside of our district email system
Derek Stewart
Director of Technology

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