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Maximize Sales and Profits with the World’s #1 Repricer

About Repricer

Repricer is a tool used primarily by online sellers, especially those operating on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Shopify. It automatically adjusts the prices of products based on various factors such as competition, demand, sales goals, and pricing strategies.

The primary purpose of a repricer is to help sellers stay competitive in the market by dynamically adjusting their prices to attract more customers while still maintaining profitability. Repricers often work in real-time, continuously monitoring the prices of competitors’ products and making adjustments accordingly.

Some repricers also offer additional features such as analytics, customizable pricing rules, and integration with inventory management systems to provide sellers with more comprehensive control over their pricing strategies.

Overall, repricers can be valuable tools for online sellers looking to optimize their pricing strategies and maximize their sales and profits in a competitive marketplace.

Why Repricer

Ensure you get more visibility, more Buy Box and more sales. Repricer monitors competitor price changes across your entire inventory and makes intelligent decisions on how to react. Prices are raised or lowered depending on a range of parameters including seller ratings, stock levels, location and many more.

Repricer thinks outside the box to suggest where minor tweaks in your strategies can deliver more sales. Compete harder with a specific seller, on certain products, in certain jurisdictions, or with folks with higher ratings. Repricer can even help you improve your ratings – helping you to increase your prices against lowly rated competition.

Our unrivalled Amazon-hosted processing power means your price changes are done in seconds. So when a competitor changes price, runs out of stock, or ratings fall, Repricer recalculates and immediately uploads your new price based on your chosen strategy. Repricer typically perform 20 billion price changes on Amazon and eBay every month.

Basic Repricer setup can be achieved in less than 10 minutes. Reprice within a tight price range using simpler algorithms, then refine your strategy over time. Or start in safe mode – showing how prices might change, without actually publishing new prices.

Maintain consistent pricing across all your various platforms – from eBay to Walmart, Shopify, and beyond, using our multi-channel replicator tool.

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What people say?

Repricer allows us to work one-on-one with our dedicated account manager to help manage our pricing across our wide range of channels we sell on which is invaluable. The bespoke integration with our inventory management system is also hugely important.
Repricer is an incredibly powerful tool. It’s one of the best things that has happened to my business. It holds the Buy Box for so much longer than any other repricing solution on the market. It more than pays for itself!
Superfood Market
I have been using Repricer for some months now and hand on heart and have not experienced such positive friendly customer service in my working career, nothing to be much trouble, knowledge and problem-solving second to none! The repricing options are also endless which I find is fantastic for us!

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