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AI scheduling for the perfect workweek

About Reclaim

Reclaim makes your calendar smarter by doing the things computers are naturally good at, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

We believe that too many people are struggling with their calendars, lacking adequate tools to defend and manage their time during the week. This keeps them from balancing their work lives and personal lives, and from being the best leaders they can be.

Reclaim leverages decades of domain experience managing and building great teams and products. We’ve personally felt the pain that comes with spending weekends and late nights trying to shuffle your calendar into the perfect shape — only for it to fall out of date as soon as Monday rolls around.

We wanted to take everything we’ve learned about time management and prioritization and create a layer that sat between the calendar and the user, one that behaved and reacted the way a great assistant would: hearing your needs, gathering context about what matters to you, and ultimately making sure you have time for what matters every week.

Why Reclaim

Find the best time for productive heads-down work in your calendar (while keeping your schedule flexible for changes) — so you can get more done as a team every week.

Automatically schedule meetings at the best time across your team using advanced prioritization controls — and build a more efficient meeting culture for your company.

Prevent burnout and turnover across your company with smart calendar controls that protect employees from forced overtime, notification interruptions, and back-to-back meeting days.

Top Features

Social Media Calendar

AI Assistant

Team Management

Advanced Reports

Browser Extension

Bulk Scheduling

Content Library

Client Management


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What people say?

Reclaim is an essential tool for our employees to stay focused on their most important work. Our managers are able to keep up with direct reports through regular flexible meetings, and automatically plan and prioritize projects across ours teams.
Raj Dutt
CEO & Co-Founder, Grafana
There are a handful of things you can ask me that will get me to talk your ear off: Food, music, warehousing, and Reclaim.ai are in my top 10.
Katie Rodas
President - Five & Counting Business Services
I tried a few other tools but Reclaim is solving a real problem. Calendar Sync was the entry point for me, but now I use all the features priorities are really good, Habits to get some gym time in, time tracking, plan my Tasks. Absolutely brilliant, I love it.
James Llyod
Lead Technical Consultant Bloomreach

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