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#1 advanced prototyping tool for dynamic & multimodal interactions

About ProtoPie

Protopie is a prototyping tool used for creating interactive mobile and web app prototypes. It allows designers and developers to create highly interactive prototypes with advanced interactions and animations without writing a single line of code. Protopie supports various platforms such as iOS, Android, and web, and it enables users to prototype complex interactions like multi-touch gestures, sensor input, and device tilt.

The tool provides an intuitive interface where users can define interactions by connecting different elements and specifying their behaviors. Protopie supports features like variables, conditional logic, and sensor integrations, allowing designers to create prototypes that closely resemble the final product’s behavior.

Why ProtoPie

Create dynamic interactions such as validating email addresses, and animating objects with intricate motion, using logic, variables, and formulas.

Integrate any tech or hardware with your automotive prototypes using Socket.IO.

Don’t be limited by a single screen. Prototype interactions across devices, and test these right away.

Have access to device sensors to boost the realism of your prototypes, e.g., photo-taking & typing in forms.

Build your own voice assistant with 52 languages & variants. Anyone could interact with your prototype using voice.

Top Features

Custom Fonts

Native Integrations

Shareable Links

Interaction Recordings

Personal Libraries

Password Protection

Log Analysis

Customer Identification

Physical Data Isolation

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What people say?

I love how easy it is to go from a little fragile idea into a full-fledged concept in ProtoPie.
Eduardo Sonnino
Senior Designer, Microsoft
With ProtoPie, you can bring ideas and concepts to life faster. You’ll generate more opportunities for a business.
Anthony Baker
Executive Technology Director, R/GA
ProtoPie enables me to do rapid iterations of our designs.
Scott Greenwald
UX Designer, Google

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