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Start closing more deals with Pipedrive – get 30 days on us!

About Pipedrive

Every company needs the right tools to blossom. To scale your business, you need software that’s accessible, offers the right functionality, is quick to master and highlights key opportunities.

Pipedrive is designed to help small businesses grow. For over ten years, we’ve been committed to building the best CRM – a CRM by and for salespeople. The result is an easy-to-use, effective sales tool that centralizes your data, helping you visualize your entire sales process and win more deals.

How to use Pipedrive

Your pipeline is a visual representation of your sales process. It’s totally customizable to fit how you work. Name the stages based on the steps you take deals through to close, or choose a template. Now you’re ready to fill it with deals.

Instead of thinking about the finish line – the sale – focus on the actions that get you there. A sales activity is anything that moves your deals toward closing. It can be a phone call, lunch, meeting, email or anything in between. Schedule plenty of activities and let Pipedrive remind you what to do next.

As you do activities and drive deals forward, Pipedrive monitors your performance like a coach. It calculates your average conversion rate so you know how many new leads to get and activities to complete to meet your targets. Real time reports show if you’re on track, giving you time to adjust course if needed.

Pipedrive’s easy analytics get your sales process down to a science. No more shutting your eyes and hoping for the best. Automations do admin tasks for you, while integrations with your favorite tools save you time. All that’s left is to refine your winning formula and set even bigger goals.

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What people say?

Best program we have used for tracking sales. We have tried many others but this is the first one that the sales guys really like and most importantly... they use it!
Dan Seto
COO and Founder, CircuitMeter Inc.
Pipedrive mixes features and design that allows our team to streamline our operations. It was very easy to get up and running with Pipedrive compared to Salesforce.
Michael Liedtke
Engineering Manager, Escrow.com
You guys rock for online sales pipeline management! Thanks for making software that thinks about users above a feature list. Loving every minute.
Darrell Keezer
CEO, Candybox Marketing Inc.

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