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About Morningscore

January 2018 in Odense, Denmark Morningscore was born out of a digital agency, where we struggled for years to explain the value of free traffic from Google to their website (SEO). And it only got worse as we showed them the nerdy tools we used for it.

Could you perhaps create something way more intuitive without dumbing the reality down? That thought excited us and that’s been our mission ever since.

We launched one of the biggest betas in SEO history with 4000 testers and finally went live in 2019. That gave us momentum, but also a lot of eyeballs. For the next many years expectations were high on all fronts.

It wasn’t easy but around 2022 we finally nailed the core concept and the growth took off even more!

Morningscore is in love with SEO doers. Beginners, experts, or in between: It doesn’t matter. If you are a doer, you are one of us!

Why Morningscore

Get a cockpit – an online SEO tool – that guides you to the most effective way to grow your websites traffic and gain customers.

The tool guides you to grow on Google with tailored intelligent missions. Complete them, gain XP and level up in the tool.

And in reality you can expect more traffic and customers.

Many people have told us SEO finally “clicked” with Morningscore, and we’re here to help you as well!

You can meet us, chat with us or engage in the forum and webinars for concrete advice on SEO.

Whether you’re experienced in SEO or just starting out, we can be the copilot on your journey.

Does SEO take time to work? Yes. Is it also the cheapest growth? Yes!

There is no shortcut. You will have to put in work – or hire someone to do it. But then comes the reward: The SEO return of investment is commonly regarded as the highest in digital marketing. 1000% ROI is not uncommon 

Morningscore increases your odds of joining the 1000% ROI club. Join our many captains that dit it and start today!

Top Features

Rank Tracker

Keyword Checker

Keyword Research Tool

Backlink Checker

Meta Description Checker

Title Tag Checker

Word Counter

Website Speed Test

Heading Tag Checker

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What people say?

Morningscore gives me that vital view of our rankings on search engines, and I can see up-to-date information on how we're performing against our competitors and whether we're gaining or losing traction. I also find the tool very easy to use. It just works.
Patrick Qureshi
CMO, Salary.dk
I use Morningscore because SEO is not my specialty, and I don’t want to spend time on it. I have an internal team who takes care of SEO, but I need to know the outcome of their work. With this tool, I can log in and see our performance from day to day.
Esben Østerby
Founder, Iværksætterhistorier
I was looking for a tool to help my customers see exactly what we’re working on and what value it gives them. I’ve found that with Morningscore. I recommend the platform to anyone who needs to manage and improve their SEO.
Trolle Hansen
Owner, Trolle Reklame

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