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Your Personalized AI Meeting Automation platform

About MeetGeek

MeetGeek is an AI meeting assistant that automatically video records, transcribes, summarizes, and provides the key points from every meeting. Automatic note-taking keeps you focused on the conversation while it writes down all the important details for you.

Now it’s easy to share customer feedback, requirements, or important updates with your team. They can easily stay in the loop and share knowledge while having fewer meetings. Using conversation analytics and tailored tips, you can finally understand where your meetings suffer and take action to improve them over time.

Why MeetGeek

Make every meeting productive and collaborative. MeetGeek automates everything for you!

Automatically transform lengthy meeting recordings that no one actually re-watches into a brief summary of key topics.

With AI Meeting Minutes get:

  • Conversation summary written in human-like language;
  • One-paragraph outline of the meeting’s highlights;
  • Meeting transcript with timestamps for quick navigation;
  • Auto-tags for every action item, point of concern, or important detail.

Your business relies on the information discussed during calls, such as sales quotes, customer feedback, tasks, and agreements. With just one click, create highlights from longer meetings and make these meeting insights easily accessible and shareable with your team.

Store all your Zoom, Teams, and Google meeting notes in a single, searchable, secure location. You can also enrich your library by adding uploaded audio files and generating auto-transcripts.

With an easy keyword search, go back in time and recall any detail from your past meeting transcripts.

Make it easy for your colleagues to stay in sync without having too many alignment meetings.

With MeetGeek, you can create teams and automatically share meeting recordings, summaries, or highlights with the departments you need to stay aligned with.

Or share meeting notes with your favorite apps, such as Notion, Trello, and Slack, and create a collaborative workspace there.

Identify strengths and improvement opportunities for yourself and your team’s meetings. Drill down through teams, meeting types, participants and many more dimensions.

Measure meeting engagement, efficiency or burnout and use top class tips to improve over time.

Top Features

Auto-Recording and Transcription

Automatic Summaries

Action Items & Topic Detection

Search Past Meetings

Team Collaboration

Conversation Intelligence

Meeting Automation

Meeting Templates

Custom Branding

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What people say?

Meetgeek provides us with an easy solution for everyone on the team to go over the transcription. Plus I really like their search feature to focus on a certain part of the transcription.
Manas M.
VP Product Strategy @ Hayan Studio
Meetgeek is great for both internal meetings and discussions with the customers. It allows you to be professional and save time.
Ovi N
CEO @ Socialbee.io
It's great for taking better notes and capturing agreements with my clients. I can look for keywords and revisit the important parts of the call. I also use it for teaching and training people. It's a great tool!
Antonio Salgado
CEO @ Asalgado

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