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About Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is a person-based analytics product that helps you identify, understand, and improve the metrics that drive your online business. We make it simple to get the information you need to make better product and marketing decisions. We strive to make both installation and reporting as simple as possible.

Kissmetrics can help your business, regardless if you’re small and growing, or established and looking for more depth in your data.

Why Kissmetrics

Gain insights, reduce churn, and maximize conversions

Track, analyze, and optimize power users, acquisition sources, top customers, and feature usage for actionable insights.

Uncover dropoff and friction points in your visitor-to-trial-to-paid flow for seamless onboarding.

Gain deep customer insights to drive business growth. Calculate lifetime customer value, track churn rates, monitor customer counts, and identify revenue-generating products for strategic decision-making that maximizes your success.

Unlock the power of customer insights with award winning tools. Track and analyze feature usage, active users, page views, and more to gain extremely valuable insights into customer behavior to drive growth.

Explore raw data with SQL queries, generate exports for data integration, analyze DAU to MAU ratio, and examine user behavior within minutes of sign-up.

Top Features

Multi-Channel Attribution

A/B Test Different Flows

Reduce Churn

Email Automation

Revenue Report

User Search

Funnel Report



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What people say?

Google Analytics didn't let me make sufficient actionable decisions, so I tried Kissmetrics. The result? 120% increased monthly revenue.
Alex Chaffey
CEO @ Smart Insights
Understanding the entire customer lifecycle in Kissmetrics - from discovery to purchase - is crucial for increasing our conversions.
Taylor Coil
Marketing Manager Tortuga
We saw a 25% boost in trial engagement using Kissmetrics Cohort Reports. Kissmetrics showed us that with our redesigned trial wizard, new users were actively using the product earlier in their trial, and using more of the features in the product.
David Shackelford
Project Manager @Pagerduty

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