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Track the truth behind every Keyword

About Keyword.com

In 2011, there weren’t many options out there when it came to tracking SEO performance. Our founder, Kevin tried to create a simple tool to use for himself when he tried to track some of his own projects. Once the solution took off and the market adopted it, we had a vision to go super deep, and create a product with perfection.​

Our vision was to change how people in the SEO world track and share their results. A year later of founding Keyword.com, Kevin dropped out of University of Toronto after taking a year of computer science and started working on this full time.

We know this wasn’t going to be an easy journey. When we first started, it took forever to get anything out for public usage. Even with some hiccups in the road, our product is now used by thousands of SEO agencies and teams.

Why Keyword.com

3rd party verification for every keyword you are tracking, down to city and ZIP code level. Bring an unbiased source to your reporting.

See what percentage of searches are landing on your website vs competitors for every important search term. Avoid falling victim to regular fluctuations that frustrate clients with a normal keyword rank tracker.

Create 1-click shareable dashboards and send automated reports to clients and decision makers via email.​

Connect your Keyword.com account to Looker Studio (formally Google Data Studio) in five steps. This dynamic business intelligence tool allows you to visualize and organize any keyword and SERP data in a centralized dashboard.

With our keyword position tracker you can segment your keywords by topic or intent. Group your data to see past vanity metrics and understand the gaps in your competitors’ rankings.

Refresh your rankings every day and additionally push on-demand updates whenever you need them. Use our rank tracker API to scale and pull data for your projects.

See how your keywords perform for mobile or desktop devices, with 100% verifiable reports that look like the real SERPs.

Top Features

On-demand Updates

Powerful API

Scheduled Email Reports

Live ViewKey reporting

Search Intent

Keyword Tagging

Unlimited Users

Custom Alerts


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What people say?

I've got a page that's ranking three or two, and even one. I click on the little search icon and take them to the live result. And then, that's all the proof they need. I don't ever see those clients leaving us.
Eric Miltsch
Co-founder, Dealer Teamwork
Looking at your ranking clusters on aggregate and being able to see the big picture. I think that's incredibly valuable and I wouldn't want to live without Keyword.com because of that.
Steve Toth
SEO Consultant, SeoNotebook.com
With Keyword.com you can see your SERP history. You can see your competitors — who’s on which positions. And you can analyze what they are doing. We can’t do this with Ahrefs.
Sander Jonkers
SEO specialist, Juist

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