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About Gumlet

In 2014, our founder Aditya built the world’s most renowned PHP image resize library on GitHub, and eventually, the library was used by 10M+ developers every month. This gave a morality boost to both the founders to execute something that reciprocates their love for technology. Ultimately, a company was born-Gumlet.

The motivation was to build a product that could automate media processing and optimization without requiring deep technical knowledge. Gumlet has continued to deliver image and video processing with low code integration and deliver page speed, user experience and cost benefits to businesses at massive scale.

Why Gumlet

Protect your videos with DRM, signed URLs, geo-blocking, tokenized access, and encrypted storage. Secure your assets from piracy and theft

Quick query resolutions via chat and email. Reach out to our video community for assistance or solutions and hear from subject matter experts

99.99% uptime guarantee and global delivery with multi CDN, intelligent load balancing, region failover, smart auto-recovery and plenty of fail-safes

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Video Protection

Player Customization

Video Streaming

Image Optimization

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What people say?

"Great Vimeo Alternative" Its an exceptional video hosting platform that surpasses expectations and will replace Vimeo in my book. The platform's quick optimization process and detailed analytics provide valuable insights. I hope they remain and grow in the market place.
Tyler G.
Director of Strategic Accounts
"A great alternative to Vimeo, Adilo, or even Wistia." What I appreciated most was its user-centric approach to video hosting. The platform's fast and quick loading times, comprehensive metrics, and reasonable cost structure provided the efficiency and affordability I was seeking in a video hosting service.
Jason F.
Studio Director
"Gumlet best video hosting platform" Gumlet is a way to stay away from YouTube and Vimeo. Great product, great performance, great experience video streaming, fast delivery, cost effective with lots of storage and features. You even get statistics for your videos. Gumlet also help with your images.
Corinne N.
Business Owner

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