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The Amazon Fba Refunds Fueling Your Growth

About Getida

The deep dive. The extra step. The higher gear. Whether we’re auditing, building partnerships, or forging friendships, we believe reaching for more is most rewarding.

The mission is to maximize profitability for Amazon FBA sellers with expert guidance and technology that secures all eligible reimbursements.

The vision is to transform the business of sellers worldwide so they can achieve what matters most to them.

Why Getida

Our recovery process first audits the past 18 months worth of Amazon FBA transactions, then continues in real time. Bonus: We cover the most complex claim types in the industry.

Our award-winning dashboard technology continually updates the status of all claim types including but not limited to lost, damaged, or destroyed inventory and Amazon FBA inbound shipments, and reveals potential overcharges related to product weights and dimensions.

With Notifications in Seller Central, we do the legwork to ensure that you are notified on all action items and we have what we need to resolve claims.

For private label brands, our patented document management technology streamlines the handling of Proof of Inventory Ownership information. For both manufacturers and resellers, our Proof of Delivery document retrieval feature pulls shipping statuses from leading carriers. In Seller Central, notifications from Getida let you know if we need anything further so that you can take action immediately, such as documents needed or updating payment methods

We’ll handle everything. Our team of claims management experts – which include former Amazonians – know the most efficient ways to successfully reconcile claims to get them reimbursed.

Our dedicated customer success team collaborates with you to maximize the potential of your FBA reimbursements. With support in multiple time zones globally and eyes on your account daily, we’re talking maximum refunds, more often.

The FBA reimbursements are rolling in and now you’ve got options.

Put your FBA refunds to work by boosting Amazon marketing efforts such as PPC or DSP advertising to improve ROI, beef up your profit margins with a new product launch, and on and on. Everything from expanding your team to upgrading your A+ Content with stronger imagery and copy for a better customer experience. So many ways to grow.

Top Features


Lost Warehouse

Damaged Inbound


Inbound Retro

Lost Removal Order

Cancelled Shipping Costs

Pick & Pack
(Overcharge Fees)

Lost in Transit

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What people say?

This is a great service! They only get paid when YOU DO, so its a no brainer. I've been able to re-coup between $2-$3K just by signing up. Its That easy. Do yourself a favor and let Getida help you get back your lost earnings (lost inventory funds) from Amazon... i'll recommend to fello sellers.
Kareem R
I signed up with Getida a month ago and received my first report today. They recovered 100% of the amount claimed on my behalf. I highly recommend Getida. As a seller being busy with a million things, I found Getida is an amazing tool to help you recover some $.
Mahalia S
It found me money that I was unaware of. It’s already hard enough running a small business by yourself, but to also go back and audit amazon is to much work, I’m glad something like Getida exist. Now I can just focus on other aspects of the business.

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