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Create personalized multichannel customer journeys at scale

About Freshmarketer

Freshworks makes it fast and easy for businesses to delight their customers and employees.

You’ll see better customer relationships and happier employees—without the bloat, hassle, and expense of typical business software. Plus, you’ll get plenty of help from Freddy AI.

Freshworks exists to make the world of work faster, easier, and more human. Here’s how we do it.

Why Freshmarketer

Every solution we create is designed to help more people find success, more easily. So, if it’s not world-class, it doesn’t go out the door. “Are you proud to put your name on it?” is the mantra we live by.

We work together with honesty, empathy, and respect, and cheer each other on. Because we genuinely care for one another. And because we share a purpose: to help more people succeed by continually finding better, more human ways to work.

People want to focus on their purpose, not their tools. That’s the world we want for our customers, and ourselves. We’re able to be agile because we’re empowered to take ownership, make decisions, take calculated risks, and get things done.

Our goal is to make success more available to more people, both inside and outside our company. We won’t be satisfied until we’ve made work faster, easier, and more human for every client we serve—and every member of our team.

Top Features

Live Chat

Marketing Segments

Email Campaigns

Transactional Emails

API Access

Conversion Rate Optimization

E-commerce Dashboard

Chat Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns

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What people say?

Reducing our no-show rate was important to have higher utilization of our sales team. With Freshsales, we brought it down to about 20%, and time is money.
Mike Hopkins
Senior VP, Sales and Service, Blue Nile
Freshservice is so intuitive and user-friendly. Our end-users find it very simple to raise a ticket and support agents are able to easily transfer tickets within departments.
Christy Cooper
Senior IT Operations Analyst, Alterra Mountain Company
We use Freshservice for everything, and that just makes it really easy- regardless of what you need as an employee-to know that you can always just go to this tool and you're going to get whatever you need.
Rey Davila
System Administrator, Allbirds

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