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About Faceless Video

Faceless.video was created out of necessity. We wanted to manage our own Faceless channels, but when starting, found that it wasn’t as easy as we’d thought.

Even though we didn’t have to be in the videos, it still required finding stories every day, finding video clips, learning how to edit videos, exporting, and uploading – which could take upwards of 3 hours per video to complete.

Then we had the idea – what if we could make a tool that automates Faceless channels for us. It would find stories, create videos, then post it to our channels every day.

Faceless.video started out as a tool just for us, but became a service for others. We wanted to share the power of owning Faceless channels, making it as easy as clicking a button.

Faceless.video serves as your content creation team, working 24/7 to create and post videos for you daily.

Growing a channel and monetizing an audience has never been easier. We hope you enjoy Faceless.video as much as we enjoyed making it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. You only need to supply the source of your video content (an AI-generated theme, a Current News topic, a Subreddit, or enter stories manually), then our platform creates and posts the videos for you.

You can edit your video any time before its posting time. Simply head to your dashboard and edit the upcoming video there.

You can edit your video’s privacy settings any time from your Series settings.

Your posting frequency is determined by your Series Plan. For example, if your plan is Starter, then your videos will be published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12pm (local). If your plan is Daily, then we will post a video every day at 12pm (local).

You can only see the next video in your video queue. Once that video goes live, the following video will be ready for you to view and/or edit before its posted date.

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