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Faster, smarter customer support for eCommerce

About eDesk

eDesk was founded by serial tech entrepreneur Ray Nolan, who was frustrated by the lack of tools that were integrated across marketplaces, specifically Amazon and eBay. To solve this, his vision was to build a suite of eCommerce focused tools that would make it easy for online retailers to manage critical elements of online selling all from one centralised solution.

Now, our suite of award-winning eCommerce tools, including Repricer, Feedback and eDesk, helps more than 5,000 eCommerce businesses improve productivity and profitability through automation, commercial insight and competitive benchmarking.

We are proud to be the only customer support solution provider on the Amazon and Walmart developer councils, and count Google, eBay, Shopify and many more as key strategic partners. We seamlessly connect over 200 marketplace, webstore, social media and logistics channels, via native integrations found within our App Store.

Founded originally as xSellco and rebranded as eDesk in 2021, we are trusted by thousands of customers around the world and power over 50 million conversations every month. This results in billions of dollars of eCommerce transactions every year.

Headquartered in Ireland with offices in the UK and the US, we employ over 100 staff globally.

Why eDesk

Automatically contact customers for reviews, sales offers, out-of-hours responses, and pre-emptive messaging if orders will be delayed.

Support international customers with automatic bi-directional language translation of incoming and outgoing tickets and chats.

Engage audiences, accelerate sales and drive better customer support outcomes on the platform with more than 2 billion users around the world.

Enhance your customer service with voice support, empowering agents for confident, efficient handling of complex issues.

Top Features

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SLA Management


250+ Integrations

eDesk Talk

External Ticket Sharing

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What people say?

It’s so easy to integrate, and to have all of your customer queries all in one place from all of the different places that you sell – is just a dream.
Susie Waghorn
Head of Customer Service, Wetsuit Outlet
Because we were growing a lot, we needed something more user-friendly that could help us solve problems—not cause problems
Virginia Roldan, Customer Service Manager Hickies
With eDesk we have managed to reduce our second line response team in a way that helps the company really grow.
Irene Epp
Service Delivery Manager at Pertemba Global

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