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About Cognism

Cognism is a market leader in international sales intelligence. Access to our premium data, has helped a wide variety of global revenue teams change their approach to prospecting, resulting in predictable and prosperous outcomes.

We’re an international team who are passionate about data and the role it can play in prospecting. We are working to provide transformative solutions to help revenue teams drive predictable lead generation and improve conversions across all your sales engagements.

Cognism is on a mission to drive the next evolution of sales and marketing technology. We believe there is a better way for revenue teams to approach prospecting which will drive predictable outcomes. We are taking prospecting from an art to a science.

Why Cognism

We go above and beyond – our people are passionate, dedicated, and hardworking. With passion, professionalism, and ambition, we work together to provide the best sales intelligence solution to our clients.

Our team places great value on our working relationships.

Yes, we live and breathe tech, however, we will never overlook the people behind it. We strive to create a space where our teams genuinely want to be, every day. Our people are inclusive, showing respect to one another when going about their work and play.

As they say, teamwork makes the dream work!

Our passion-filled team works together with professionalism and ambition – taking ownership of our work to deliver the best possible results for you.

It’s through our hiring, investing in, and empowerment of phenomenal talent that we’re able to propose the best solutions your company needs.

As your go-to-market partner, supplying the best sales intelligence solutions, we grow as you grow.

Our team will go above and beyond to support you by communicating clearly with you and your business, and setting clear expectations along the way – all while being incredibly dedicated to seeing you succeed.

We’re here to learn, and to navigate the way forward, together.

A strong belief of ours is that management is not the only route for progression.

We admire all of our top performers and view all of their progress as an incredible achievement. Supporting our individuals is supporting our teams, and that’s why we provide a space for all of our star performers’ voices to be heard.

Big or small, we’re proud of their wins!

Top Features

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Advanced Reports

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Bulk Scheduling

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We know pricing is a key factor in finding a solution that suits your business. Data that delivers isn't one size fits all, and neither is our pricing model.

Our team is here to help you figure out which package is the right fit for you, so you can achieve your goals and deliver ROI - fast. Simply fill in the form to the right to discuss your options.

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What people say?

Finding leads from certain companies used to take up to two days, but now it's about 2 minutes. It's amazing! "
Alexandru Taraboanta
Aexus, Inside Sales Support & Lead Generation Expert
Approximately 4,000 leads each month are enriched by our SDR team using Cognism's database. "
Michael lannuzzi
Drift, Director of Marketing & Sales Development
Our current stack comprises ZoomInfo, Lusha and Cognism. We use Tray.io as a data orchestration layer; this allows us to connect to each provider via an API and to source accounts and contacts from them. When bringing Cognism back into the stack we also looked at other prospective companies that operate in the space, such as Seamless.ai and Salesintel. However, we decided to partner with Cognism due to the vast quality and coverage of the dataset for our target segments. "
Jonny Fianu
Comply Advantage, Global Head of Revenue Operations

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