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Our state-of-the-art tools simplify technical analysis

About ChartPrime

ChartPrime is a comprehensive trading platform that offers a variety of advanced tools and features designed to assist traders of all levels. It integrates seamlessly with TradingView and provides robust analytical tools to enhance market analysis and decision-making processes

ChartPrime aims to provide a holistic trading experience by combining advanced analytical tools, comprehensive educational resources, and a supportive community, making it a valuable tool for enhancing trading performance and strategy development.

Top Features

Market Oracle

Our flagship toolkit offers innovative tools that redefine traditional market analysis. Our trend-focused signals aim to provide early indications of market shifts. Packed with advanced assistant features and cutting-edge tools, these resources are designed to streamline your analytical process.

Market Dynamics

Market Dynamics Pro takes traders back to the basics. Putting a key emphasis on market structure, our sleek indicators identify major market patterns, order blocks and analyze volume to help a trader identify significant levels in the market.

Prime Oscillator

Designed for those interested in momentum, divergence, and reversal, this toolkit offers two main oscillator modes. These serve as valuable complements to our other toolkits, helping users spot potential momentum changes early and enhance the overall analysis of any trading situation.


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What people say?

I recently joint ChartPrime as premium user, my experienced so far I like the way ChartPrime can help me achieve my dreams. Thanks to ChartPrime discord and tradingview indicators.
Monira CHANN
The indicators, help in real time to find a confluence of signals for good trades. Easy to fine tune to your own personal trading style. Make the charts talk to you quickly to determine entry and exit points, for maximum profit.
Jaymz Touchstone
I was thinking this was just going to be some good indicators and that was it but was I ever surprised The indicators are incredible and they never stop updating them (for free). Added to that their Discord is an actual community and their support is beyond incredible. I highly recommend them!!!
Greg Spencer

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