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Turn Conversations Into Content Like Magic

About Castmagic

Are you spending too much time or money just to transcribe and create content from your media files?

We were too. Too many creators don’t have the time or resources to derive impactful assets from audio and video content, and there was no alternative.

Not anymore. We built Castmagic to make content extraction and creation dead simple.

Why Castmagic

Upload audio & video files, import youtube & vimeo links, sync RSS feeds, or zap in content from wherever else it lives.

Castmagic instantly transcribes your content, and leverages world class AI to write quality drafts based on your recording’s unique context.

Top Features

Podcast Transcription

Coaching Session Transcription

Customer Discovery Calls

Meetings Transcription

Sales Calls Transcription

YouTube Transcription

Church Sermon Transcription

Conference Transcription

Academic Transcription

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What people say?

A tool that my team uses that I mentioned in the live show is Castmagic. It helps make ALL of our show notes today and time stamps.
Noah Kagan
Founder Appsumo, Host Noah Kagan Presents
As our two podcasts have grown to over 35 million downloads, we needed to find a way to streamline some of our process, especially when It came to curating content for our social channels. It’s easy to use and a TIME SAVER!
Jake Decker
Executive Producer, Maxwell Leadership
Castmagic's AI tools are super easy to use. I just upload my video assets and in a few clicks, it provides suggested titles, Instagram captions, tweets and more. It really saves me and my team a ton of time!
Justin Moore
Creator Wizard

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