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Master the Marketplace with the All-in-One Amazon Growth Platform

About Carbon6

Carbon6 is the all-in-one Amazon growth platform, built to simplify success for brand owners and operators around the world.

The company’s suite of software tools has been developed by the brightest minds in the industry to help businesses achieve their goals.

From listing optimization to profit recovery services, to cutting edge PPC and inventory software, Carbon6 has everything online businesses need to drive revenue, recover costs, and operate efficiently.

We believe that technology can be a force for good and that ecommerce is the great equalizer.

Our vision is to transform opportunity into freedom through a connected platform of tools and expertise designed by and for marketplace entrepreneurs.

Why Carbon6

We are real experts with real experience. We run our business based on substance, not flash.

We work together to create exponential wins. We care about the goals of our customers, our community, and our team.

We are wildly ambitious. We match the beat of our clients and help them rise to every occasion with empathy, grit, and confidence.

Accountable to ourselves and one another. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and take our individual and team contributions seriously.

We use curiosity, data, innovation, and technology to solve problems with smart and efficient solutions.

We fail fast, learn quickly, and don’t miss a beat. We’re emboldened by growth and always welcome opportunities to level up.

Top Features

Free Refund Audit

Free Product Resizer

Master Carton Calculator

Free Asin Audit

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What people say?

Using PixelMe, we are quickly able to identify where there's movement with keyword ranking and total sales. Therefore allowing us to best optimise campaigns to grow brands on Amazon. Highly recommended.
George Meressa
Founder, clear ads
Without D8aDriven, we wouldn't have an eCommerce channel. They've helped us grow from a tiny unknown brand to a national brand that's being acquired.
Michael Kanter
CEO, Eliot's Nut Butter
We've been working with PPC Entourage since Jan 2020 and have seen our TRUE ACOS cut in half.
Edward Fayer |
Amazon Seller

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