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All in one AI-powered platform.

About Capacity

At Capacity, we help teams do their best work. Employees are overwhelmed, overloaded, and unengaged. We’re here to help.

Teams are overwhelmed by questions, repetitive tasks, and navigating multiple systems.

This is where we come in. Capacity is an AI-powered support automation platform that connects your entire tech stack to answer questions, automate repetitive support tasks, and build solutions to any business challenge.

Organizations turn to Capacity to drive the next generation of self-service by reducing the time spent searching for information, answering repetitive questions, and completing tedious tasks.

Capacity provides everything you need to automate support and business processes in one powerful platform.

Why Capacity

We facilitate a comprehensive survey and analysis of your current processes and tools.

We summarize our survey findings and review with your team during a collaborative listening session.

We use your team’s feedback to identify opportunities against 65 areas of potential AI investment.

We recommend key areas of AI investment based on your team’s priorities and challenges.

We deliver a report that your team can activate internally or Capacity can implement the plan and apply the cost of the assessment toward your licensing fees.

Top Features

Survey & Listening

In-Depth Report

Opportunities Inventory

Prioritized Recommendations

Action Plan

Check-In Meetings

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What people say?

The number of users and the hours saved... is somewhere around 200 hours per week in responding to those candidates and inquiries.
Michael Dijak
Director of Allied Recruiting
Capacity has created more time for our team to focus our efforts while ensuring attendees access the best information as they prepare for, arrive at and enjoy the Festival of Nations
Krissy Durant
Director of Communications
I would recommend Capacity to anyone looking to find better ways to serve their customers where and when their customers want to be served.
Jason Peach
CEO, West Community Credit Union

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