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Call tracking + AI that turns calls into more quality leads

About CallRail

Andy Powell had a problem. He started a small business in 2005 — an online directory of BMW repair shops. It took off. But when he began charging for listings, he couldn’t prove the site was driving leads to customers.

Skeptical business owners didn’t want to pay.

That’s what inspired Andy to create a call tracking tool with fellow Georgia Tech grad, Kevin Mann. It worked — their software proved the directory was making repair shop phones ring. Soon Andy and Kevin realized, if our tool can help us convert and keep customers, it can help other businesses, too.

In 2011, CallRail was born. Ever since, our passion for helping small and medium-sized businesses thrive has fueled our product roadmap, from Call Tracking to Lead Center, Form Tracking, and Conversation Intelligence . And although Andy will always be our first employee and customer, we’ve grown to more than 200 team members serving more than 200,000 companies.

We’re proud of our progress and the recognition we’ve received. In addition to being profitable since day one and ranked #1 on G2, we’ve fostered an employee-led, inclusive culture. Perhaps that’s why CallRail has been named a “best place to work” multiple times by multiple publications.

Why CallRail

We relish the opportunity to tackle challenges and use our successes and failures to reflect and grow.

Our innate curiosity and creativity propel us to relentlessly improve our processes and products.

Delivering exceptional customer experiences starts with an internal culture built on respect.

We grow and succeed when we help our customers thrive.

We take the time to take care of ourselves so we can show up and make an impact every day.

Top Features

Optimize your Campaign Spend

Deliver a Personal Touch, at Scale

Bring in more of your Best Leads

Make Calls your Competitive Advantage

Automatically Tag and Qualify Leads

Fine-tune your Keywords and Messaging

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What people say?

Today, I'm spending less time monitoring calls and more time serving our customers - which is the way it should be
Vlad Kandybovich
CEO, QShark
The addition of call summaries is a time saving asset that helps me to quickly assess leads for my clients.
Adrianna Ness
Client Acquisition & Retention, TheHomeMag Portland
The call summary feature's ability to streamline our qualification process and alleviate the workload of our client intake and lead qualification teams is invaluable.
Daniel Phillips
Founder, Brandalytics

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