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Browse AI

The easiest way to extract and monitor data from any website.

About Browse AI

We use the web more or less the same way we were 20 years ago: using internet browsers. Except, websites have become so heavy we need super computers to have 10 tabs open. On top of this, big corporations spend millions on teams of engineers to scrape as much data as they can from the web and make it impossible to collect data from their sites.

People and small businesses are hurt the most. They need more data to be able to grow, but even though there is plenty of valuable live data on the web, collecting them is incredibly expensive and time-consuming, and impossible at scale.

We wanted a change. So we rolled up our sleeves in 2020 and got started with building the first missing piece: an easy, affordable, and reliable way to extract and monitor data from the web at scale.

Why Browse AI

Extract specific data from any website in the form of a spreadsheet that fills itself.

Extract data on a schedule and get notified on changes.

Browse prebuilt robots for popular use cases and start using them right away.

Top Features

Solve captchas

Extract location

Learn in 5 minutes

Extract Data on a Specific Schedule

Handle Pagination and Scrolling

Start for Free, Pay as you Grow

Auto-adapt to Site Layout Changes

Scrape Structured Data with no Code

Integrate with 7,000+ Applications

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What people say?

It's the easiest scraper that we've ever used, and the ability to listen for changes is game-breaking. It now serves a core part of our business and saves us thousands of dollars per month. Can't wait to see what other features await us down the line!
Weiwei Li
Co-Founder at Honeybeehub
Browse Al has been immensely helpful as it enabled us to scrape live inventory data from our retailers that they are unwilling to provide to new vendors. This means my sales team knows who to call and when and saves immeasurable time. 10/10
Taylor McCarten
CEO at BinBreeze
We thought we were going to have to use a crazy expensive solution like UiPath and have a dedicated engineer for it, but instead we're literally having our non-technical interns using Browse Al to accomplish the same functionality.
Derek Borkowski
Founder, CEO at Cosmas Health

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