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Understand your users with live “People Also Asked” data and intent clustering by Google.

About AlsoAsked

AlsoAsked is a tool designed to help users find related questions people are asking on search engines, particularly Google. It provides insights into the “People Also Ask” (PAA) feature, which appears in search engine results pages (SERPs). This tool is especially useful for content creators, SEO professionals, and marketers who want to understand the types of questions and topics their audience is interested in.

By leveraging AlsoAsked, users can create more targeted and effective content strategies, improve their SEO efforts, and better meet the needs of their audience by addressing the questions they are actively seeking answers to.

Why AlsoAsked

People Also Ask data is providing you with data directly from Google on what information is likely to be expected on the page to fulfil searcher intent.

15% of searches on Google every day are new, and over 70% of searched keywords are “longtail”, with many reporting “0” search volume. AlsoAsked uncovers these questions to give you a competitive edge. 

All of the questions AlsoAsked returns are from real user searches that Google has grouped with the initial search. Understanding the pain points, concerns and questions of searchers is the key to being able to produce helpful content and the basis for framing and building experience, expertise, authority and trust (EEAT).

AlsoAsked can save you huge amounts of time in your keyword research process, providing image exports to writers or using Bulk Searches that wouldn’t be possible with Chrome scraping extensions.

Pro Users get access to our API which has both synchronous and asynchronous options, making it the only tool you integrate live PAA data with apps and tools via webhooks, allowing you to scale your SEO with integrations such as ChatGPT.

Whether you’re a content creator on TikTok wondering what to cover next, a copywriter looking for the next hook, or an SEO working on content briefs, AlsoAsked can provide you with the recipe for any topic.

No other keyword source updates as quickly as People Also Ask. With big news breaking, it is not unusual to see new PAA questions within hours, before any other keyword tool registers them.

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What people say?

AlsoAsked is the seminal topic research tool for the modern SERP. It not only helps you understand what Google is doing on the SERP but also gives you thematic insight into how people relate to a topic and its subparts.
Mordy Oberstein
Head of SEO Brand, Wix
AlsoAsked is such a useful tool for inspiring content ideas and identifying large content gaps in a relational way. A way that easily allows us, users, to visualize how topics fit into a larger content piece. One of the first research tools I use when embarking on any content-related project, no matter the scale.
Jack Cooper,
Global Digital Marketing Lead, Roland/BOSS
AlsoAsked has become a fundamental part of our content marketing strategy. The opportunity to take a deep dive into the questions that prospective users are asking has opened our eyes and helped us move away from using tools such as Keyword Research and anecdotal research. This tool has helped us become more in-tune with the potential customers and we’ve seen engagement with our content increase since we’ve been using AlsoAsked.
Matt W
Digital Marketing, Applaud HR

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