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Simplify your journey to success – from capturing leads to turning them into loyal customers.

About Sender

Sender is email marketing software tailored for e-commerce and small business marketing. It is highly focused on user-friendly experience and interface, with features for automating processes and boosting email marketing response, which aim to save users 2x time to send beautiful newsletters.

Sender want to make your work easier. That’s why these professional-looking brand assets are ready for you. Take the opportunity to mention our brand most aesthetically and conveniently.

Why Sender

Although effective on their own, email and SMS are a forceful duo, delivering outstanding results for your campaigns.

Work smarter, not harder – that’s our philosophy. Setting up automated campaigns takes minutes, yet the results are profoundly rewarding.

Increase conversions and engagement by segmenting your email list and tailoring your messages. It’s that easy.

Top Features

Email Marketing

Email Automation


Text Marketing

Text Automation


High-Volume Sending


Basic Reporting

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What people say?

I love the support aspect, I have repeatedly received quick, helpful and outstanding service. Also newsletters display quickly in emails.
Rhonda Davis
AV and Beyond
Great deliverability - Beautiful and modern UI - Working API - Awesome Support team - Good price.
Ruslan Migory
Technical Marketing Expert at AgileEngine
We have used it to send cold emails to generate new clients. It's been very good for us, all emails get delivered and we don't get flagged for spam which is great. We also use it internally to communicate between all departments. Everyone's been happy with their experience with Sender in the company.
Christos Socratous
Marketing and Branding

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